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From: Jason Calme
Subject: High School: Do What You Can 9Do What You CanThis story is about male/male relationships and contains
Graphic descriptions of sex.You should not read this story if it is in any way illegal
due to your age or residence.This is a work of pure fiction.Copyright 2003 Jason Calme. This story is the sole property
of its author and may not be copied in whole or in part or
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This chapter is dedicated to the memory of JustinCase 1956-2003
for his support of this story and the
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http://www.geocities.com/integritylost/index.htmlChapter 9There’s a recipe for Rabbit Stew that begins: “First catch your
rabbit.”Sex is a lot like that. I mean, there’s a whole lot of techniques
and ingredients to deal with, but first you have to find someone to
do it with. And you can get so hung up on that, that by the time you
actually catch your rabbit, suddenly you realize that you still have to
make the stew.And that can be a frightening adventure on it’s own.Some people are lucky. They go out on a first date, get Preteen Loli Models hot and
horny, and then before they know it, they’ve got their clothes off
and they’re going at it like nature intended.Of course, that doesn’t happen to shy and sensitive guys. We
have to suffer through every step.To be honest, I didn’t even think about sex that day when Zack
and I went on our first date. I was so wrapped up in having caught
the rabbit, I didn’t think about cooking it! And then we ended up
hugging and kissing and talking and it was really good.And that’s all we did on the first date.But Preteen Loli Models I wanted more, and I was pretty sure Zack was up for more
too.Suddenly I had more thinking to do. About sex. About sex with
Zack. About what sex with Zack would actually be like.Mechanical kind of stuff. You know…details. Who does what to
whom? Cause I wasn’t really sure, you know? Does that seem
dumb?I knew I was gay because I got hot and horny thinking about
guys. The sight of a hard penis really turned Preteen Loli Models me on, and I knew I
wanted to lick one and put it in my mouth. I’d read about oral sex -
about being careful with your teeth - and I kind of thought I had an
idea of how it worked.But I wasn’t too sure about the cumming in your mouth thing. I’ve
only tasted my own cum once and that was after about three or
four tries. I kept wanting to do it, and the idea kind of turned me
on, but after I’d actually cum, and I had some in the palm of my
hand, the whitish-clear fluid just was too disgusting.Finally I got up the courage to taste a tiny little bit from a finger.
I’m not even sure I got the full effect as it was a pretty small
amount, but I kind of got the idea. Not good, not bad…just
something.I figured Preteen Loli Models I could give oral sex a try.It was the other thing that freaked me out. I liked guys butts and
had thought about sticking myself up a guys butt. God! That sounds
so crude.But them sticking something up my butt? I wasn’t sure that was
gonna happen. I’d tried fingering myself a bit and it just didn’t turn
me on. Did that mean I was a top? What was Zack? I was really
worried because I figured he was a top too.So on the second date I was freaking out again because I was
worried Zack was gonna want my ass.Damn! I hate this!Our second date was short. Zack picked me up from the hospital
and we went back to my house. We did some homework, and we
kissed and stuff. I was nervous because I was worried my Mom
would come home and find us naked or something. So I wasn’t
going to go beyond the cuddling and kissing, even with the door
locked.We more than made up for it, rolling around on the bed, and
when Zack left there were lots of last kisses. When I got back to my
room I realized that the inside of my boxer shorts were totally wet!
There was even the start of a damp patch in my jeans! That could
have been embarrassing!I jerked off real quick, and real good after that!I was still nervous the next time we got together. It wasn’t for a
few days for one reason and another. We were at his place and his
folks were out so I felt comfortable.Well, more comfortable than I did at my place.I was still uncomfortable about what was going to happen, and
worried what Zack would say if I said no.We started out with kissing.I had my arms wrapped around him, rubbing them up and down
his back and his chest, and kissing his lips again and again. Our
mouths opening and closing, it was almost like we were trying to
swallow each other. We’d got damn good at this after only a couple
of days practice.We were kissing for ages and I was so hard the entire time. But
though we were kissing and hugging and rubbing our hands over
each other, neither of us had done any touching ‘there’. A couple of
days before when we’d been lying on the bed and been hugging
there had been a couple of times when my erection touched parts
of him, but that was all.Today we were sitting on the edge of the bed, kissing and
hugging.Finally we pulled apart and I looked down and realized the front
of my pants were wet. I’d leaked so much precum it had soaked
through my boxer shorts and my pants. I was so embarrassed I put
my hand down to try and cover it, but even in the poor light, when
Zack looked down, he saw it. He looked up at me and he grinned.”Kinda horny huh?” he said.I blushed.”Yeah, I…” I began.”It’s okay, me too…though I don’t think I’ve spunked up as much
as you!”"I didn’t…” I protested.”I know,” he said, leaning in to kiss me some more, then he
whispered in my ear. “So what do you want to do now?”I shrugged. I was shaking a little from the excitement, and I was
having trouble operating my tongue.Zack’s hand slid down my arm to my chest, lightly touching me. It
traveled lower to the belt of my pants. I didn’t protest, I was scared
and horny, and I couldn’t move. He moved his hand down lower,
taking my lack of protest as permission to continue. His hand went
over the lump in my pants and lightly squeezed, and I groaned into
him, shaking and thrusting up into his hand. I was so horny, so hot,
so damn ready. Zack squeezed some more, and I groaned and
shook some more, thrusting up into his hand. Two more times he
squeezed, and on the fourth squeeze I couldn’t take it any more.
Everything overloaded. I was cumming in my pants. Groaning and
shooting and thrusting and twisting and chewing on his mouth and
totally enraptured by the orgasm. God I felt so good! I came and
came for what seemed ages, then suddenly I was done and I was
exhausted and collapsed against Zack. Zack continued to hold me
as I shook a little and caught my breath.And now I was sitting there and my pants were soaked through
and starting to get cold and wet. I didn’t know what I was going to
do.”You okay?” Zack whispered.”Yeah,” I said. I was embarrassed about what I’d done, yet I
knew he’d been a part of it. I wished I hadn’t been so quick. Then I
had another thought.”But what about you?” I asked.”I’m uh…” he stuttered.I looked down and saw he was squeezing himself through the
fabric of his jeans. I reached out and took hold of Preteen Loli Models the lump in his
pants, feeling him for the first time.He groaned a loud breathy sigh into my ear.”Oh God,” he whispered, then suddenly added “I don’t want to
do it in my pants!”"Why not?” I said. “I did!” and I started squeezing him harder
and faster, and he thrust towards me.”No, no” he protested, reaching down, trying to undo his pants,
but he wasn’t fast enough. He’d only just finished unbuttoning his
fly when I slipped my hand in and felt him through his boxer shorts.
I squeezed him and jerked a little and he grunted and thrust
forward and I felt the wetness and heard him moan, and I knew he
was cumming.He came for what seemed ages. His boxers shorts getting gooier
and gooier. It was so exciting!And then he Preteen Loli Models
was leaning against me, breathing heavily and
laughing a little and I hugged him and we kissed some more.We did the best to clean ourselves up. We were a real mess, and
even with a towel from the bathroom we couldn’t do a whole lot to
dry things out. Zack leant me a pair of pants and boxers. They were
too big for me, but they were better than the alternative, and I
could go home.Though my Mom didn’t say anything, I think she noticed that I
arrived home in different pants.Much to my surprise Billy and Todd became friends again. It was
also much to Todd’s parent’s frustration.And I guess Billy and Todd were keeping it a secret from Billy’s
parents too.What a drag.At least Zack and I could be together at his house. His parents
were pretty cool with it. His Mom was really cool about it; practically
encouraging us. Zack’s Dad was a little more circumspect. He was
really nice to me, but Zack let me know that his Dad was a little
uncomfortable with the whole PDA thing. So we tried not to kiss in
front of him or anything.If the truth were known, I wasn’t a really big PDA person, even
around Preteen Loli Models his Mother. It just didn’t feel right. Or maybe I was still
locked in my closet.Billy spent nearly all his time down at the hospital those next few
weeks, and once Todd was released Billy drove him to and from
school, and practically escorted Todd all around for the first week.Todd loved every minute of it, though I could just see disaster
coming. But what was I supposed to do about it? Billy, I felt, was
feeling guilty about what he’d done, and was trying to make up for
it. Todd was clearly madly in Preteen Loli Models love with Billy, and was taking him any
way he could get him. At some point Billy was gonna go off again.But then a funny thing happened. Todd’s cast came off, he was
independent again, and Billy and Todd were just friends. Todd
seemed to have found a way to push Billy away.I talked with him a bit about it and he said he and Billy had had a
talk and they’d straightened out everything. They’d agreed to be
friends. Todd alluded to the fact that Billy’s Dad was a terrible
homophobe and that Billy was terrified that his Dad would find out
he was friends with a gay guy. I wondered if there was more to it
than that, but I didn’t say anything to Todd, and he didn’t say any
more either.Billy even managed to repair a bit of the damage with Todd’s
parents. He was allowed over there; but they had to keep the
bedroom door open. I got a laugh out of that when Todd told me!I was glad for Todd. I just hoped it didn’t go bad, and I really
hoped he could find someone to love.After our mutual grope I guess at Zack’s, I figured that Zack and I
would explore masturbation for a while. It was pretty damn good
and I could deal with that okay. I was looking forward to it really.
We were going slowly, and that was the speed I wanted to move
at.Nothing happened for the next few days. Not even jerking off.
Just some quick hugging and kissing. We were busy, stuff was
going on, Preteen Loli Models and we were at my place a lot so it put a cramp in the
whole thing.God! I wanted some more!Then Saturday rolled around and it was time for the whole
swimming lesson.I got to the house and saw that his parents were out. I think I
was excited before I even knocked on the door. Zack opened the
door wearing baggy swimming shorts and a t-shirt.Damn! I’d been Preteen Loli Models
hoping for the Speedo again.”Hey!” Zack smiled at me and I grinned back at him. I stepped in
the door and he closed it, and I leaned over and kissed him quickly
on the lips.”Hey baby!” he whispered. “Ready for a lesson?”"Ah…sure!” I said laughing a little.”Race ya!” Zack said, and suddenly he was running down the hall
yelling. I don’t know why, but it looked like fun, and I chased after
him yelling too.As he ran Zack pulled off his t-shirt and threw it aside. He
charged through the doors to the pool and didn’t stop. He cannon
balled straight into the pool, a huge explosion of water flying
everywhere.I stopped at the edge of the pool and, watched as he spun
around in the water.”Come on!” he called, waving an arm at me.”Give me a minute,” I grumbled, and began to pull off my shirt.The shirt was up over my head, and I couldn’t see anything,
when I heard a wolf whistle and Zack giggling loudly.”Cut that out!” I laughed as I threw the shirt onto the ground.
Then I started to unbutton by pants.Zack started humming strip-tease music loudly, and I looked up at
him and frowned.”What?” he laughed.”Cut it out,” I laughed and went back to undressing, but Zack
started up again, so I swung my hips a little and he started
laughing and clapping.”Woo hoo! Take it all off!” he yelled.I let my shorts drop to the floor. I had my swimming trunks
underneath.”Awww,” said Zack, still laughing. “Spoil sport!”"Huh!” I said, and walked all the way around to the shallow end
and the ladder. Zack paddled over to the ladder and stood there
smiling and waiting for me. I turned around and stepped down the
ladder, ending up in the pool with Zack standing right behind me. I
turned around and we were face to face, chest to chest.”Hey,” Zack said softly, smiling.”Hey,” I smiled back. “So what are we going to do today?” I
asked.Zack shrugged. “What do you want to do?” he asked.I noticed how warm the water was. It wasn’t cold at all, and did
nothing to dampen my excitement, which was clearly evident when I
looked down. The suit, which had hung loosely when it was dry,
now seemed to be glued to my body. My dick was standing out
proudly. I would have blushed if it were in public or with someone
else.No, I was blushing.”I don’t know,” I said smiling at him.Zack took a step closer, and suddenly we were in each other’s
arms, hugging and kissing. We were rubbing our hands up and
down over each other’s backs. Our chests touching; sliding back
and forth.I realized that I could feel him hard against me, and I was hard
against him.We must have stood there kissing for ten minutes or more. When
we ‘came up for breath’ I was buzzing. I was high. I’d once got a
little drunk and it kind of felt like that. Maybe it was from lack of
oxygen.Zack was looking at me, a huge smile on his face.”We should swim!” he said, and he fell backwards in the water,
his arms out wide. He disappeared under the water for a second
and then popped up again laughing and swam backwards away
from me. I Preteen Loli Models
chased after him. It turned into a game of chase; Zack
swimming away from me while I chased after him. I was just
walking around in the pool. It’s surprisingly hard to run in water!Eventually he let me catch him. I grabbed him from behind,
putting my arms around his chest and hugging his back. He spun
around, and we stared into each other’s eyes. I thought we might
start kissing again.”Wanna get out?” he asked me.”Ah…sure,” I said, a little surprised. We were going to Preteen Loli Models end it so
soon?We got out of the pool, and Zack showered off and then I did. I
kind of thought maybe Zack would ask me to shower with him. I’m
not sure what I would have done if he’d suggested it. But I was a
little disappointed he didn’t.
Up in his bedroom the air was thick with anticipation. Or maybe it
was me? I don’t know.I couldn’t stop watching as Zack toweled his hair dry. It turned
me on so much watching him do that. I wanted to do it. I wanted to
reach out and take that towel and…”Hey!” said Zack, looking at me with a big smile on his face. I
don’t know why, maybe I was looking kind of goofy, but he threw
the towel at me and I laughed and let it drop to the ground.Zack went and sat on the end of the bed and I couldn’t help
watching him. He was so beautiful. He was wearing baggy khaki
shorts, a white t-shirt, and his short hair, still damp, was all spiked
up. His eyes shone at me.He smiled and patted the bed beside him, and I went over and
sat down beside him.”I missed you,” he said, and he reached out and took my hands
in his. I resisted the urge to say that it’d been less than half a day
since he’d seen me, because I knew what he meant. I’d missed him
too. Spending any time apart from him was getting hard and harder.Was this what love was all about?”Missed you too,” I finally said, because I had to say something,
and I couldn’t think of what else to say. And I had missed him, so it
was the truth.He was looking down at my hands, and he looked up and smiled
at me.”So are you okay?” he asked me.”Yeah, I’m great,” I said quietly.”About us and everything?” he said.For a moment I wasn’t sure what he meant, and then Danny
came back to me and I shivered. I hadn’t thought about Danny for
the last few days. Did that mean I was bad?Here I’d been going on about how I didn’t want to do the wrong
thing for Danny, and then the minute I’d got my hands on his
boyfriend I’d forgotten about him completely. Fuck! I was shit!”You okay?” Zack asked, sounding worried.”Yeah,” I nodded.Suddenly I was up. “I gotta go!” I said. I don’t know what I was
thinking or where I was going to go. Probably home. I just had to
get out of there.”Jed?” Zack said, leaping up. “What’s the matter?”"Nothing!” I shouted and turned and headed for the door.I almost made it, but then I felt a hand on my arm. It spun me
around and Zack had his arms around me and he pushed me up
against the wall. If someone else had done that to me I would have
gone ape shit! But for some reason he did it so carefully I new he
would never hurt me.”What’s the matter?” Zack demanded. He was standing in front of
me, his face a picture of concern.”I’m sorry,” I said, “I just…”"You just what?” Zack asked.”I don’t know…” I said.”You don’t like me any more? You’re breaking up with me?” he
asked.”No! No!” I gasped. “I love…I like you,” I said.Zack smirked at me.”So?”"I just…it’s just all been kind of sudden,” I said, trying to collect
my thoughts.”Okay,” he said.”I think we should take it slow,” I said.”That’s okay,” said Zack smiling, leaning in and kissing my cheek
quickly. He pulled back just a little and whispered, “I think taking it
slow is a good plan.”I shivered. God! His voice was so sexy. He was so sexy! I put my
arms up around him and he leaned into me and we kissed and
hugged each other.The kiss turned into a long wrestling match kind of Preteen Loli Models a kiss, our
tongues sliding back and forth into each others mouths and pushing
and rubbing against each other.I was hard.I couldn’t help it. Zack was leaning against me and I knew he was
hard too. Our Preteen Loli Models hands were roaming over each other’s bodies.Zack pulled away from me and gasped for breath. He giggled a
little.”How about we get a little more comfortable?” he asked.”What?” I asked, not sure what he meant.He stepped away from me, a loving Preteen Loli Models
smile on his face, holding out
his hand to me. I took it and he lead me back to the bed. He sat
down and patted the bed beside him and I sat next to him.He kissed me again.”You’re so handsome,” Zack whispered into my ear.I shivered again.”You okay?” he asked again.”Yeah,” I said.”Wanna take a nap?” he asked.”What?” I asked, surprised.”Take a nap,” he said, indicating the bed with a wave of his head.”Ah Zack…”"What?” said Zack. Preteen Loli Models
“No! Just a nap. I’m kind of tired. I thought it
might be nice, you know…if you want.”"Ah…” I thought about it. Suddenly the idea of a nap sounded
mighty appealing. “Okay,” I nodded. “Just a nap.”"Yeah,” said Zack smiling, and suddenly he peeled off his shirt
and dropped his shorts and climbed into bed with just his boxers
on.”Hey!” I said.”What?”"I thought it was just a nap,” I said.”It is!” said Zack, sniggering, “You’re not gonna get into bed in
your clothes are you? I hate waking up in my clothes.”I thought about that statement for a moment. It seemed to have
very sexual connotations, but I didn’t make a joke.”Ah…” I began.”I won’t look,” said Zack, putting his hands over his face. I
couldn’t help it. I laughed. Zack laughed too.So I took off my shirt and pants, and climbed into bed Preteen Loli Models
next to
Zack.As soon as I’d pulled the covers over me, Zack took his hands
away from his face and slid over to me.”Hey!” I said, trying to ward him off, but he took me into his arms
and kissed me. For a moment I thought I’d been conned, Preteen Loli Models
but then
he just lay down beside me.I lay down next to him, a little nervous. Zack slowly rubbed a
hand along my side, and it felt good.”Okay?” Zack asked.”Yeah,” I whispered, and before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.
To be continued…
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